FREE Property Inspections for Homeowners

As a Pennsylvania homeowner you are entitled to a free, onsite inspection by a State Licensed Insurance
Adjuster – before you sell your home. Any damage found can be repaired and may be paid for by insurance
– not out of your pocket.
If you believe you might have mold, water damage or weather related damage anywhere in your house, have
your house inspected now – before a buyer sends in their own inspector – and sends you the bill.
Often damage can be unseen. To protect yourself, simply request your free inspection. If there is damage
covered by insurance you may not need to pay for any repairs.
There is no out of pocket cost or fee for the inspection. We only get paid when you get paid. The state
of Pennsylvania licenses Public Adjusters to help you to work through any issues or problems related to
insurance claims.
Don’t feel like you have to discount your home or pay major repair bills in order to sell it. Don’t get caught
negotiating discounts at the last minute with your buyer. Use your free Insurance Inspection Report as
PROOF to the buyer that your house is in good shape and is worth your asking price.
With your Insurance Inspection Report you can be assured you will be properly compensated for any
damage to your property. If there is damage, you can repair it in any way you deem appropriate. There is no
restriction on how you use the funds.
Protect yourself and the value of your home. Call 1-800-809-4302 now to schedule your free inspection


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