Patch/NJ Aid for Animals Pets of the Week: Pumpkin Festival Edition

New Jersey Aid for Animals does the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival.

New Jersey Aid for Animals board member Kelly Matthews, a Gloucester Township resident, submitted the following to Patch:

This week, we are bringing you a chance to meet all four of the animals we have been highlighting on Patch at the Blackwood Pumpkin Festival on Sunday in downtown Blackwood. All of our cuties are going to be strolling around with their temporary “people.” They'll be searching the crowds for the festival-goer who is ready to take them home before leaves fall off the trees and winter settles in over our state.

Let's take you back one by one through these awesome pups so you know who you looking for this Sunday!


He knows how to sit, wait, heel and walk like a gentleman on the leash. He gets along well with other dogs, especially with his best friend, Hooch. We have watched Pluto blossom into such a wonderful, well-mannered dog in just a short period of time. His foster walker works with him on a daily basis, and says he is doing a fantastic job learning how to please his future family. Now, if they would just come and take him home.


She is a darling girl who may not be able to see you but surely makes up for it in cuddling abilities. Emily is 100 percent blind, and her foster mom tells us some days you wouldn't know she has gotten so used to her home. If you're worried about the challenges of having a blind dog in the home, it does take patience and repetition—all the things you need with a sighted dog. Emily is a dainty girl you can often find curled up on the couch.


He has been learning how to sit, wait, heel and walk like a gentleman on the leash right along with Pluto. They are lucky enough to share the same foster walking angel! If Hooch could talk, he would tell you a super guy named Bill comes every single day to walk him, and it's the best part of his day. He has helped him and his buddy Pluto get ready to go to a real home. At almost 55 pounds and eager to please, this sweet boy makes all of us proud.


Our happy girl would smother you in kisses and be content to sit by your side all day long if you let her. Robyn has sight loss as well, but she can see some limited range in front of her—which she will surely show you if a squeaky toy is introduced! Robyn is also a dainty girl. What she lacks in sight, this pup makes up for in love. Robyn hasn't met a person she didn't like, so look for her and make sure you get a famous “Robyn Kiss.”

To fill out an adoption form please visit the New Jersey Aid for Animals website. We hope to see you this weekend at the Pumpkin Festival. Stop by our booth!

New Jersey Aid for Animals is a Winslow Township-based no-kill animal charity enriching the lives of animals by providing programs for domestic animals on wellness, humane education, and spay and neuter, with a focus on impoverished communities. It also reports cases involving and pursues justice for abused animals.


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