Gloucester Township Food Tour: Cheesesteaks

Bob Wankel's second stop on his tour led him to Sprota's Deli in Glendora.

Writer's Note: The cheesesteak. Is there any delicacy more synonymous with the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs? 

No, of course not.

This region has long taken pride in the cheesesteak. It is the Holy Grail of food in these parts. 

It's become a lazy cliche for sports networks. In town to do a national broadcast for a Phillies or Eagles game? You can bet a producer will include some shots of a guy at a deli dicing up a steak. 

Pat's. Geno's. Steve's. Chink's. Dalessandro's. You've heard the names, and if you've been lucky enough to make your way across the bridge and sample some of these sandwiches, you know why the debate over where the best cheesesteaks are always begins and ends with Philadelphia. 

The cheesesteak has become an art form. You want to be a legit sandwich shop around here? You better have a good cheesesteak to back it up.  

When done properly the sandwich is a perfect blend of grease, cheese, and tender meat that combines to fill every inch of a fresh roll with delectable flavor. 

When done improperly, the sandwich can be an uninspired, bland, fattening contraption, leaving one feeling full, yet unfullfilled. 

Now, I love cheesesteaks. But I've always been reluctant to order one around here because I have long been skeptical that local shops could perfect the art. So, last week I set out to find if my suspicions were in fact true. This is the second review of the series. 

Throughout the course of this cheesesteak tour I was sometimes forced to eat multiple sandwiches in one day. And I must admit, it's a bit more difficult to really enjoy food when you are working with a near-capacity stomach. 

So for purposes of full disclosure, I must say this was the case when I ventured into . I had downed half a sandwich from another deli earlier in the day, so my appetite wasn't at its peak. 

But it didn't even matter. Why? Because Sprota's makes a darn good cheesesteak.

Sprota's, located just off the Black Horse Pike in Glendora, serves a wide array of breakfast and lunch options. Though the deli does a lot of take-out service, those that want to eat-in at the quaint deli will find its quarters clean and pleasant.

They offered up a steak on a fresh, but firm roll, with a perfect blend of cheese and grease running through the sandwich, which, of course, is integral to a quality cheesesteak.

The meat was chopped thin, which I prefer, but if the sandwich had one flaw, it was that the meat was just a bit overcooked, which I felt slightly diminished some of the flavor. 

Still, this is one of the better cheesesteaks I've tried in the area, particularly Gloucester Township, so if you happen to be near Glendora, hang a turn onto Station Ave. and stop in at Sprota's for a good sandwich made by some good people. 

Michelle Wolfson July 21, 2011 at 02:27 PM
Thanks for the info. Being a Philly girl myself, I have a hard time finding anything over here that compares. I drive by Sprota's all the time. Maybe next time, I'll stop in!
Katie Dougherty July 22, 2011 at 03:58 PM
I'm a fan of the Antonino's cheese steak (Blackwood)! YUM!!
Joshua Berry July 22, 2011 at 08:18 PM
I am with you Katie. Antionios is one of the best. You have got to try their cheesesteak pizza.


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