Hess Trucks to Survive Sell-Off of Gas Stations

Aficiandos of Hess toy trucks can rest assured that the popular Christmas collectibles aren't going anywhere.

Just because Hess is exiting the gas station business doesn't mean the Hess Toy Truck will get the chop.

Since 1964, Hess Corporation has offered a variety of classic toy trucks, and the company will continue to sell them at its stores this November.

According to the official Hess Toy Truck website, Leon Hess, the founder of Hess, came up with the idea of manufacturing a fun and affordable toy for families during the holiday season.

The first Hess Toy Truck—a tanker that could be filled with water and emptied through its delivery hose—went on sale for $1.29. Over the years, other models became available for sale including helicopters, a police car, an airplane and a space shuttle. There is also a Hess Toy Truck Float in the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

On collector website GoHess.com, some of the original Hess trucks, which were made by the Marx Toy Company in the 1960s, are estimated to be worth $700 to $2,000. Currently, eBay also has the original trucks selling for similar prices.


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