Off-Track Betting Parlor Called 'Perfect Match' for Gloucester Township

Officials await word from the Racing Commission on the OTB plan; residents can also weigh in.

Details for an off-track betting parlor were laid out in a hearing in Gloucester Township on Wednesday. The location wil be the former Stone Grill restaurant on Blackwood-Clementon Road. File photo.
Details for an off-track betting parlor were laid out in a hearing in Gloucester Township on Wednesday. The location wil be the former Stone Grill restaurant on Blackwood-Clementon Road. File photo.
Details for a planned off track betting facility at the former Stone Grill on Blackwood-Clementon Road were laid out Wednesday in a hearing of the state Racing Commission.

The hearing was held at the Gloucester Township Municipal Hall.

Penn National Gaming Inc. wants to construct a 1,600-square-foot betting parlor at the former restaurant that will allow patrons to bet on horse races from around the world. The site's existing infrastructure will allow the gaming company to renovate the building in a central location and avoid building from the ground up, a company official said.

“I think it’s really a perfect match,” Gloucester Township Mayor David Mayer said after testifying at the hearing. “They won’t have to change the footprint at all.”

Mayer said the project will help revitalize the Blackwood-Clementon Road corridor and bring up to 40 jobs to the township. He said the township will also receive 1 percent of the revenue from the facility.

The Racing Commission heard more than an hour of testimony on Wednesday, but delayed a decision for at least a week to allow correspondence from residents about the project.

Penn National officials said they hope for an approval and an expected opening date in October.

Mike Russo July 15, 2013 at 08:34 AM
You are right Paul. You had to search for the info I read the agenda on a document online. I am not certain when the actual meeting time was, but the agenda called for a public discussion on the approval of a license for the Gloucester County OTB to begin at 6pm.... I know people who work in other OTBS and want to transfer to this one because they live in the area, so I had an additional source plus a job was posted on Penn Gaming so I knew things were in motion. My posting on this board was prompted by comments of the "undesirables" who will visit this site if opened I know at least 10 people who will visit this site if opened and not one is an undesirable. My drinking versus gambling comment is just an analogy pointing out what is more dangerous to the locals although I see neither one of these places as any threat. I hope they both open.
Ban Cheaters August 13, 2013 at 12:10 PM
You idiots against this are morons! Drugs has nothing to do with it. Horse players aren't drig addicts! Why don't you people be PARENTS and keep the drugs out of your kids hands in the first place! Horse race wagering does not cause any of this. This is NOT going to so any harm to AC. Garden State park should have been permitted to have slot machines LIKE EVERY OTHER TRACK that is fighting for survival! Heck Slots are already LEGAL in NJ but the Casino LOBBYIST got their way again because EVERYONE of these politicians are CORRUPT! I'm sick and tired of having to pay $5 to cross a bridge and 20$ in gas to go bet the Kentucky Derby! worried about Drugs? Go be a Parent or Grand Parent. Yes its a novel concept go complain about real problems! No Jobs, A corrupt Government and unions that take all the tax $ and leave the counties with under-protected communities. HELLO Cherry Hill PD! Oh that's right, they don't exist anymore because Unions stole the tax money!
citiZen.inSane August 13, 2013 at 12:36 PM
You call those opposed to the site idiots and morons and then post the nearly incoherent rant you did, trying to pass it off as a comment? Stay away from the keyboard, pal, you might hurt yourself.
Silence Dogood August 14, 2013 at 03:40 PM
We are morons because we don't want gambling in our town. You rant about spending $5 to cross the bridge in order to gamble. You prove the point we are trying to make. We don't want degenerate gamblers in Gloucester Township. Cross the bridge or go to AC. Don't like that, stop betting the ponies. Problem solved.
Mike Russo August 14, 2013 at 03:51 PM
That won't solve the problem You already have degenerate people who object to creating jobs in a country where it is next to impossible to get one. Time for you do goodies to look at the real facts. An Otb has nothing to do with the things you talk about The degenerates are in your churches and schools just check the news reports and current lawsuits against priests. You wouldn't protest the opening of a church would you? Stereotypes are never based on fact


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