Special Election for First Congressional District Seat Set for Nov. 4

The special election coincides with this year's general election.

Congressman Rob Andrews resigned from his First Congressional District seat earlier this year. The special election to fill his seat takes place Nov. 4. (Patch File Photo)
Congressman Rob Andrews resigned from his First Congressional District seat earlier this year. The special election to fill his seat takes place Nov. 4. (Patch File Photo)
The special election for the First Congressional District seat left vacant when Congressman Rob Andrews resigned to take a position with Dilworth Paxson, will take place the same day as the general election, according to a post on the New Jersey State Division of Elections website.

Both elections take place Nov. 4 and both primaries will be held June 3.

A special election took place in New Jersey last year following the death of Frank Lautenberg. That election took place a month prior to the general election, which included a gubernatorial race.

Andrews, a Democrat, resigned in February amid an ethics investigation that centers around his use of $30,000 in campaign funds to finance a family trip, among other accusations.

The Democratic Primary for the First Congressional District seat includes State Sen. Donald Norcross, of Camden, brother of Democratic powerbroker George Norcross; Logan Mayor Frank Minor; and Sicklerville resident Frank Broomell Jr.

Former Philadelphia Eagle Gary Cobb, of Cherry Hill, will pursue the Republican nomination, as will former Collingswood school board member Claire Gustaphson, Greenwich resident Lee Lucas and Winslow resident Gerard McManus.

The First Congressional District covers parts of Camden County, including Gloucester Township, as well as parts of Gloucester and Burlington counties.

Paul J. DiBartolo April 02, 2014 at 03:53 PM
Leave the seat open from mid-February until November and then hold a special election (coincident with the general election) on November 4th, to fill the seat from mid-November (allowing time to validate the results of the election and schedule a swearing-in) until mid-January when the winner of the general election takes over? Isn't there a holiday break in there as well? This is mindless. If we have been unrepresented since February and will remain that way until November, why can't we just remain unrepresented until the new term? I would really like someone to make sense of this for me.
Schu April 02, 2014 at 10:30 PM
Nothing makes sense in Camden County, the wrong person wins and the little guy gets forgotten.
Bea Coyle April 03, 2014 at 05:53 AM
So then with Norcross and the Democratic Party ,Money compaigning for this, will we see Signs and Billboards with his name and the names of our two School Board Members up for re -election on them ? Gunn and Coyle will be running abd given how residents feel about the job they have been doing on our School Board they will need this Party name recognition to get them votes.Can't waitto see this play out. Last year Board Members won re-election on the Mayors/Party recognition and of course with their financial support. Maybe residents will open their eyes this time.
Jodi Logan April 03, 2014 at 08:39 AM
Knowledge is power! Empower yourselves,no complaining be the solution not the problem. Ok so we have little time to find a constitutional conservative. We want someone who has a real job,not with government. They need to know what they believe and be able to tell us why they believe it. Also they can't force their view down our throat. They need to understand the power of a educated electorate. They need to understand the bill of rights,and how it protects the people....also we are the boss,not majority..equal rights not special rights. We also need someone who understands "the liberty amendments"by mark levin. I also challenge voters to read the book. The state trumps the fed but only if we are educated in state rights......come on NJ we know we are broken,tired and frustrated,we the people win if we care to do our homework. HOPE,believe in your neighbour,trust that good will trump deceit. You be the best you ,I'll be the best me and together we make our communities better....Stand for something or fall for anything!
Joshua Berry April 03, 2014 at 09:24 AM
Paul: because there were two elections and two primaries for it, the congressional candidates are allowed to shake down their supporters and local vendors for TWICE the amounts as they would normally be allowed to. The "little Don" already sent out invites for fundraisers asking for these higher donation limits.


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