NJ Divorce Consultations – Ten Reasons to Schedule a Consult



1.  Unhappiness with their relationship and their spouse does not seem to care.


2.  Spouse says he/she has been unhappy and nothing seems to work to correct the problem.


3.  Spouse has been secretive regarding his/her income, assets and debt.


4.  Parties agree to separate, but spouse indicates that lawyers are unnecessary.


5.  Spouse has been making unusual purchases and/or incurring unexplained debt in joint names.


6.  Spouse has not been truthful regarding other relationships.


7.  Spouse has been unreasonably controlling and suspicious.


8.  Spouse has refused appropriate treatment for an addiction problem.


9.  Spouse has not been attentive to his/her childcare responsibilities.


10.  Spouse has a poor relationship with other family members or has become disinterested in common friends.


Most people experience concerns over issues like these during their marriage.  In many cases, these concerns are resolved between the parties themselves or through counseling.  However, if you have experienced these types of concerns for many months or years, then it is important to consider meeting with an experienced Family Law Attorney for a personalized consultation. 


 Please contact us if you desire to schedule a consultation.


Barry Chatzinoff, Esquire has been representing South Jersey residents in Matrimonial and Family Law matters for more than 30 years. 


Law Office of Barry Chatzinoff, P.C.

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