Twin Boys Donate Birthday Savings to Our Lady of Lourdes Transplant Program

Nicholas (left) and Anthony Razze, 13-years-old.
Nicholas (left) and Anthony Razze, 13-years-old.

Donation made in honor of good friend’s father  

September 8, 2013 marked the 13th birthday of twins Nicholas and Anthony Razze. 

The twins, from Pitman, NJ, invited a few friends to a party to celebrate their birthday.  Then Nicholas and Anthony did what they’ve always done since they were six-years-old:  They requested that in lieu of gifts, a donation be made to a special cause of their choice.

This year, the Razze boys donated to Our Lady of Lourdes Transplant program. With eight friends who attended their birthday party, the boys generously gave $265 to the program.

“The boys have a good friend whose father passed away at Lourdes after a long illness,” explains the twins’ mom, Tammy Razze.  “When I asked the boys what cause they wanted to make a contribution to, they did not hesitate to say that the donations should go to the Lourdes Transplant program. I am so proud of Nicholas and Anthony for helping those who are in need; from an early age, they have been taught the importance of giving rather than receiving.” 

“My son and I both appreciate this act of generosity,” said the wife of the Lourdes patient who passed.  “When we received their birthday invitation in the mail, and saw what the boys’ were planning, it bought me to tears. They even worked with the baseball team they were on, and coordinated with some other families to give us a gift basket and have it delivered it to us.  Their kindness is truly appreciated.”

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity and selflessness of the Razze boys and their friends,” says Loretta Aigner, director of the Transplant program at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center.  “The boys’ contribution will go toward a fund for transplant patients with the greatest need.  On behalf of Lourdes and our patients, we very much appreciate the boys’ thoughtfulness.”


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