Yes, Virginia, Voter Fraud Really Does Exist

Wanna know how to win an election? With 175,554 registered voters yielding 247,713 votes. That's what happened in St. Lucie County, FL.

A few months ago the topic of “voter fraud” came up on Patch and I was roundly ridiculed by two of Patch’s editors for suggesting such a thing existed and informed that because I supported voter ID, I was, more or less, in the bag for voter suppression. I don’t want to mention any names but the initials of the two gentlemen in question are Sean and Matt ;-). Seriously, I was assured by these two, based on a link to a story asserting that voter fraud was not really an issue, that voter ID was just a smokescreen put up by Republicans to suppress the Democratic vote.

Allow me to make full disclosure here. The fewer people that vote, the better off I think we are. I know, this stings some people’s sensibilities, but I am in no way suggesting that certain people should be barred from voting, for the law extends such rights to them and protects their right to vote. I am only suggesting that if they didn’t vote, I would not be crestfallen. Why? Because for some reason I seem to think that if a person has no idea who is vice president, or who is running for the office of vice president, or who is the secretary of defense, or that our embassy was raided and four Americans killed but thinks Benghazi is a Japanese restaurant in Cherry Hill, maybe they should pass on voting until they come up to speed. I am not the first to say it, but if you’re going to vote on how my money is being spent maybe you should throw some money into the pot as well and get some skin in the game.

So, moving to the real issue. Can anybody else smell the stench that is wafting across the river from Philadelphia? Here are some of the facts as I understand them. 

Philadelphia, in general, has about 60 percent voting participation based on government numbers. However, in a number of voting districts, where GOP poll watchers were forcibly removed, voting participation topped 90 percent. One district recorded 99.5 percent participation. Why were GOP poll inspectors forcibly removed from polling places in Philadelphia? This is an illegal action. Additionally, the New Black Panthers were at it again and just as in 2008, you can be sure that Attorney General Eric Holder will have no interest in looking at intimidation and suppression of the Republican vote.

Surprisingly, 59 districts in Philadelphia registered not vote for Mitt Romney at all. George W. Bush was blanked in five Philadelphia districts in 2004 but that number shot up astronomically to 57 for John McCain in 2008 and now 59 without a vote for Romney. Not one vote for Romney in 59 districts. I know, move along, nothing to see here.

Look, I get it; in many of these areas the population has forever pulled the Democratic lever, but not one dissenting vote out of 20,000? I understand that 75 to 80 percent of voters identifying themselves as Democrats is not uncommon in some of these areas, but, again, the numbers start to become unbelievable. Even those who lean Democratic and can swallow a number of zero precincts in large urban centers for the Democratic candidate find 59 such districts hard to swallow.

Then there was Virginia Democratic Congressman Jim Moran’s son and field director Patrick Moran, who had to resign in disgrace when video surfaced of him advising that “utility bills could be used to aid in voter fraud,” something, by the way, that I’ve been assured does not occur.

And how about St. Lucie County, FL, where only one precinct in the county had less than 113 percent voter turnout. “The Unofficial vote count (for the county) is 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards cast (141.10 percent).” Another polling place in the county, located in the National SEAL Museum, had 158.85 percent voter turnout, the highest in the county. Ignore the man behind the curtain and the extra people in the voting booth with you because I’m here to tell you that voter fraud is just not happening.

Finally, I heard of two or three instances where votes cast for Romney kept coming up Obama. Mysteriously, I never heard of any opposite occurrences.

Seriously, people, if voter suppression is occurring, it must be stopped but if voter fraud is occurring, it must also be stopped; not ignored in the name of it being the fix for voter suppression which is what the argument for voter ID is always countered with. For some reason, however, it’s always Democratic voter suppression that occurs and never suppression of the Republican vote.

This is how my argument went before so I’ll offer it again: “Is there any sound logic that you can offer that identifying voters to be who they say they are is harmful or bad?” Then let’s go ahead and do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you think not, then give me the logic for why one of the most important things we do needs not be controlled. Controlling the voting process through identification of the voters brings us to a place where we can all, equally, be comfortable with the outcome? It’s a no-brainer.

Yes, Virginia, voter fraud is alive and well. Tell me again now, Sean and Matt, how voter fraud is not a problem.

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Jimm November 17, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Paul, Your blog used the point that voter fraud in St Lucie Co. FL was rampant, NO? When that "fact" was refuted you used the word debacle, when I researched the alleged "fraud" perpetuated there...guess what? NO regional or local newspaper had one article on it? Big outrage huh? Again where's the beef? LOL Your next tactic was to next use Philadelphia, NO? >>"What I objected to and you conviently ignored in your reply is your use of "facts" to support your claim of voter fraud, that are really not facts at all. But I said >>"I actually agree with voter ID with registration" Again I answered your Philly with points from the very same article you drew your conclusions from (the Stanford politics professor used two other cities where 100% voting happened also) and the phantom republicans, again you ignored it and referred back to your blog, which you feel is "justified" by what I feel are false facts. >>"The questionable Philly voting districts should be investigated - I thouroughly agree with that". Your answer to this point? You still are arguing for a reason not to employ voting ID cards. I gave you one - regardless what you think of it, I gave you what you asked for and a solution to implement it too, balls in your court on that one...
Jimm November 17, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Again the baiting is humorous to me and I'm enjoying parrying the high school debate tactics you employ. I'm fairly talented and intelligent and have experience in researching facts and separating opinions from them. That does not seem to be one of your qualities presented here. I have no interest in sycophantry here and respect your right to your opinion, however your "poetry in motion" does not change cold hard facts. 1) Money ruined politics - $6.6B or whatever number your comfortable using is an obscene amount of money to spend for political positions totalling less than $114M in salary. That over half of that amount was raised by Super Pacs so it's not Mom and Pop putting $5 in the kitty there. Fortune 500 companies donated over twice the amount given from the last two elections also, but only you can't see how thats more dangerous than 57 one hundred percent democratic voting districts in Philly? 2) Voting fraud - as you admitted too occurs on both sides of the aisle. Since you seem fixated on voter registration as the cure - for what? 14% of those 17K votes in Philly? Cuyahoga Co OH? The whole state of California? If R's can place phantom voters in predominately black NW Philly neighborhoods, what is a govt issued card going to FIX? go to City hall with a gas bill or electric bill and a change of address form and get a CARD that says you live there... Thats your solution? YES, that will fix it! Angst? Please!
Paul J. DiBartolo November 18, 2012 at 12:19 AM
>> I'm fairly talented and intelligent... I'm glad you said it, Jimm. Go ahead, write the blog and make the case that voter fraud is not an issue and we're all fine. Then wrote one with your views about where the money spent on political campaigns should be spent. Show us all exactly how intelligent and talented you are, Jimm. BTW, Jimm, it's not your money so what's your beef. Oh, that's right, you're mad at the people who spent that money for not using it to build up the economy and make Obama's first term look more stellar than it was. You don't like the political spending...by all means, don't participate. What next, pass laws that tell somebody what they can spend and where? BTW, you've made your point over and over and over again, I think. Until you have something new to say please don't say it anymore. Seriously, don't waste anymore of our time.
Paul J. DiBartolo November 18, 2012 at 12:20 AM
>> Rampant? Please provide chapter and verse where I said that or even implied it. Jimm, give it a rest. Yea, Jimm, you refuted a point I never made. Is that like setting up straw-men just to knock them down? How's it make you feel? Your reason...cost. I told you I disagree, Jimm. I provided work-arounds. You don't like them. If that's all there is, this is over. Actually it was over a long time ago. You want to argue there's no such thing as voter fraud? Have at it. You have everyone's attention.
Jimm November 18, 2012 at 12:57 AM
Are you an early alzheimer candidate? To refresh your memory I pointed out and you later agreed, St Lucie Co did not "overvote" as you alleged in your blog, >> "Ignore the man behind the curtain and the extra people in the voting booth with you because I’m here to tell you that voter fraud is just not happening". You also cited examples of over 100% voting there... remember? reread your blog by all means... You began this journey with the blog and danced when you got caught with rebuttals "that had not come to your attention", Now you want to quit because big bad Jimm is picking on you... boo-hoo be a man - you put the challenge out there... OK you want to make voter ID's to combat fraud? I agreed with the point and I gave a suggestion how to do it - voter ID's with registration be it car,gun,insurance - you pick it, but it will not matter. Implementing voter ID if just like the NRA line "outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns" You can walk into DMV and with six points & get an ID, you know how easy it is to get past that? Most utility bills are paid online nowadays, when I went to Runnemede DMV, the person in line used a letterhead from Atlantic Electric and an e-mail as proof of utility service for one of the six points because he paid his bill online. And your idea is foolproof, right ? Go on and bellyache - your a (R) spittoon catcher and regurgitator, your not interested in dialogue, you have your views and thats it. I dont agree? goodbye LOL! fool


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