Budgets Approved in All Gloucester Twp. Fire Districts

Saturday's fire district elections see just one newcomer elected commissioner.

Budgets were approved by sound margins in all six Gloucester Township fire district elections on Saturday, as a host of incumbents were re-elected fire commissioners in the township's six districts.

In the two fire districts with contested races, incumbent Kevin J. Donahue and newcomer Joseph A. Reichert were elected to three-year terms as District 2 commissioners, while incumbents Woody Minner and Phil Knast won re-election as District 1 commissioners.

Donahue received 482 votes and Reichert 516 in the District 2 race, according to unofficial numbers.

The third individual to file a petition to appear on the District 2 ballot, Craig R. Watkins, received 54 votes.

Chews Landing's fire budget was approved by vote of 400-94.

In District 1, Minner received 98 votes and Knast 108 votes to retain their seats as fire commissioners. Challenger Nicholas Giambri received 35 votes.

The Glendora fire budget was approved, 103-18.

District 3: Incumbents Amy Tarves and Leo Foglio received 63 and 70 votes, respectively, in winning re-election to the District 3 Board of Fire Commissioners. They ran unopposed.

The Blenheim Fire Co. budget was approved, 53-11.

District 4: Incumbent John McCann won a new three-year term, receiving 101 votes in the uncontested Blackwood Fire Co. Board of Fire Commissioners election. He ran unopposed.

The Blackwood fire budget was approved, 81-12.

District 5: Incumbents Richard Baker and Anthony Tomasco received 88 and 78 votes, respectively, in winning re-election to the District 5 Board of Fire Commissioners. They ran unopposed.

The Lambs Terrace fire budget was approved, 73-23.

District 6: Incumbents Joseph C. Chew and Steven M. Funkhouser received 121 and 124 votes, respectively, in winning two new three-year terms on the District 6 Board of Commissioners. Incumbent Richard W. Annacone Jr. garnered 120 votes to take a two-year unexpired term as Erial fire commissioner.

All three men ran unopposed.

The Erial fire budget was approved, 98-33.


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