Facebook Safety Tips for Kids

Gloucester Township Police Department wants you to share some Facebook safety tips with your children.

Gloucester Township Police Department, in partnership with Gloucester Township Public Schools, issued the following list of guidelines for safe Facebook use for children: 

Gloucester Township Police Department has partnered with Gloucester Township Public Schools in ensuring social media safety. Gloucester Township Public Schools have recently linked with ConnectSafely.org to help keep children safe on Facebook. You may access important social media safety information by visiting this page on the Gloucester Township Public Schools website.

The use of social media has become popular for people of many ages. The collaboration between Gloucester Township Police Department and Gloucester Township Public Schools in sharing Internet safety information is critical in ensuring the safety of children in our community.

Listed below are tips for parents and teens on how to use Facebook Safely.

Remember, that once you post something on Facebook it does not go away. There is no way to permanently remove a picture once it is on the web. 

Posting photos Posting pictures on Facebook can give away information such as location. Online sexual predators will also use what kids think is a harmless photo to commit Internet crimes. If a parent does allow his or her child to post photos on Facebook, kids should be instructed to post head shots only.

It is also crucial to everyone’s safety that you know your child’s passwords to all computer websites. This becomes a crucial tool for the police just in case an emergency occurred and we need valuable information.

Login/password information Keeping the login/password information from parents should never be an option. Parents should have unlimited access.  Children should be taught to never give out login/password information to people who may ask for it online. Similarly, they should be instructed to never give out personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays either.

Tips for Parents

1. It can be tough to keep up with technology. Don’t be afraid to ask your kids to explain it to you.

2. If you're not already on Facebook, consider joining. That way you'll understand what it's all about!

3. Create a Facebook group for your family so you will have a private space to share photos and keep in touch.

4. Teach your teens the online safety basics so they can keep their Facebook timeline (and other online accounts) private and safe.

5. Talk about technology safety just like you talk about safety while driving and playing sports.

Start a Conversation with Your Teen

1. Do you feel like you can tell me if you ever have a problem at school or online?

2. Help me understand why Facebook is important to you.

3. Can you help me set up a Facebook timeline?

4. Who are your friends on Facebook?

5. I want to be your friend on Facebook. Would that be OK with you? What would make it OK?

Tips for Teens

1. Don’t share your password with anyone.

2. Only accept friend requests from people you know.

3. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents, teachers, or employer to see.

4. Be authentic. The real you is better than anything you might pretend to be.

5. Learn about privacy settings, and review them often.

Tips provided by Facebook.


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