Gloucester Township Police Traffic Safety Tip: Hydroplaning

The tip is part of their ongoing series of traffic tips.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
The Gloucester Township Police Department issued the following tip as part of its ongoing traffic safety tips of the month:


Wet road surfaces can cause tires to hydroplane, or ride up on a film of water, starting at about 35mph, which would cause a motorist to lose control of his/her vehicle. Chances of hydroplaning increase as speeds increase. After 55 mph, tires may totally leave the road surface.  If tires totally leave the road surface, braking is virtually impossible, and turning is not possible. A gust of wind, a change in road level or a slight turn can create a skid if a vehicle is hydroplaning. 

To avoid hydroplaning, do not drive on bald or badly worn tires, and slow down when heavy rain, standing water or slush is present.  In a heavy rainstorm, try to drive on the highest point of the road.  For example, use the center lane on a multiple lane highway, when available.

Additional information can also be found at www.njmvc.gov or by contacting the Gloucester Township Police Traffic Services Bureau at 856-374-5715 or by email at police@gtpolice.com.

The complete electronic version of the driver manual can be found at http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/About/manuals.htm. Paper copies can be obtained from your local motor vehicle commission facility.


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