Gloucester Township Police Traffic Safety Tip: Motorcycle Safety

The tip is part of their ongoing series of traffic tips.

Provided by Gloucester Township Police
Provided by Gloucester Township Police
The Gloucester Township Police Department issued the following tip as part of its ongoing traffic safety tips of the month:

Motorcycle Safety

The laws governing four wheel vehicles such as cars and trucks also govern motorcycles. However, a rider may react differently to situations when compared to a motorist.  Always keep in mind several key items when sharing the road with motorcycles:

· Be aware of slippery, sloped or uneven surfaces or grooves and gratings in the roadway. These present potential hazards with motorcycles.

· Check blind spots twice before changing lanes or making turns

· Watch for motorcycles at intersections and when making a left turn.

· Always signal intentions.

· Anticipate a rider’s maneuver to avoid obstructions that may be minimal to a car or truck, but dangerous to a motorcycle.

· Always leave plenty of room between an automobile and a motorcycle.

· Never follow a motorcycle too closely because motorcycles have the ability to brake within shorter distances than other types of vehicles.

When passed by a motorcycle, a motorist should maintain his/her speed and position. Allow plenty of room for the motorcycle to complete the pass and resume proper lane position.

A motorist’s failure to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the most common cause of motorcycle collisions.

For more information on motorcycle safety, visist www.njridesafe.org.

Additional information can also be found at www.njmvc.gov or by contacting the Gloucester Township Police Traffic Services Bureau at 856-374-5715 or by email at police@gtpolice.com.

The complete electronic version of the driver manual can be found at http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/About/manuals.htm. Paper copies can be obtained from your local motor vehicle commission facility.


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