Gloucester Township Residents Can Help Police By Reporting Suspicious Behavior

Gloucester Township Police released the following statement regarding residents reporting suspicious activity they see around the township:

The residents of Gloucester Township have stopped countless crimes and saved lives by becoming actively involved in protecting their communities and reporting suspicious people or activity to the police department.

As the additional “eyes and ears” of law enforcement, residents can help to reduce crime, improve safety and increase the quality of neighborhood life by knowing what to report and how to report it.

Residents are needed to come forward and provide valuable information. If you see something suspicious in your community please contact law enforcement and we will take your call seriously and investigate the incident. What you see and report may be invaluable and may save lives.

Suspicious activities can refer to incidents, events, individuals or circumstances that seem unusual or out of place. 

Remember – A quick and accurate description of events, vehicles, and persons can make all the difference in apprehending a potential criminal. Any type of activity or circumstance that seems unusual should be reported.

By reporting suspicious activity citizens can help police make their communities safer and more secure, reduce violence, minimize victimization, reduce crime, reduce violence, and improve the overall quality of life.

When reporting suspicious persons provide as much detail as possible. Start with the basics and get more specific. One reliable method to consistently make good suspect descriptions is to begin at the head and work your way down.

When reporting suspicious vehicles provide as much information as possible about the vehicle,  its occupants, the license plate or any identifying marks or characteristics, its activities and the direction of travel. If you have a paper and pen or pencil handy write down the information so you can read it to the police.

Never put yourself in danger when reporting suspicious activity.  

If you have any questions you may contact the Gloucester Township Police Community Relations Bureau, Lt. Brendan Barton bbarton@gtpolice.com or Ptl. Jenn McLaughlin at jmclaughlin@gtpolice.com or by calling 856-228-4011. If you need immediate assistance you may call 856-228-4500 or 9-1-1 for an emergency.


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