Gloucester Township Roads Remain Open, Despite 12 Accidents and Disabled Vehicles

Authorities are still asking residents to avoid nonessential travel.

All Gloucester Township roads remained open Tuesday night despite a stubborn winter snow storm.

Police responded to 12 crashes and disabled vehicles through 9 p.m. Authorities have asked residents to avoid traveling and remove any parked vehicles and trash cans from roadways so that the streets can be plowed.

The governor has issued a state of emergency but this does not include a restriction of travel.

Jeff Garcia January 23, 2014 at 10:56 AM
Paul, even though I don't use social media nearly as often as some others I understand the concept. Thanks for the refresher anyway. There are others on this site that are generally critical of the township, much as you are. However, they are not disrespectful of other people simply for making a positive comment. Any time there is a positive comment or post made a negative comment from you, often directed at the original poster and off topic, is sure to follow. Roe wrote "Thank you for a great job treating and plowing our street. My self, as well as my neighbors are always appreciative of a job well done!!!" What about that statement is for you to agree or disagree with? Roe was happy with the way their street was plowed, were you? I wouldn't know, you could have commented about how your particular street was taken care of, or how your experiences driving within the township were but you didn't. You decided to address Roe directly, simply for making a positive statement that wasn't directed at you or anybody else. Im sure many people on this site will agree with me and you have done the same thing to many of them. It seems that people who demand the most amount of respect are the same as those who show others the least amount of respect. And to R Ford. Love your comment, learned a new word, myopic. Wait for it, Paul's going to insult my intelligence. Check my grammar and spelling while you're at, you're usually good for that one too.
Jeff Garcia January 23, 2014 at 10:59 AM
With that said, Paul fire off your counterpoint if you choose and let that be the end of it. Lets talk about the streets and the snow as the thread was originally intended.
Paul J. DiBartolo January 23, 2014 at 07:04 PM
Okay Jeff, let me explain to you how the Patch in GT works since, in fact, you don't get it. I got involved here over two years ago and have written numerous blogs and posted even more comments and I've seen the lay of the land here in GT. There are a number of shills that wait in the background and then go to work when someone blogs or posts less than flattering comments about GT and its current bosses. It has happened to me over and over again. The attack dogs come out, always posing as innocents, but for some reason are always new to the Patch and then when they are found out, swap out the name for a new identity. This is a telltale sign of who they really are. Case in point...the first two posters to this story made negative comments about our town, then Roe1549 came on the scene. Now, I really didn't check Roe's identity at the time, but I did notice that the comment seemed to be a veiled attempt to denigrate the negative opinions of Sicilan1 and coremgmt...so I weighed in. Oh, I'm sorry you thought I was attacking Roe and you. Well, after your latest comment, I checked Roe's status...Oh my, it appears that Roe1549 is a brand new poster and has never posted on the Patch before commenting on this story (wink-wink). Maybe I'm naive, Jeff, but that is a telltale sign, as mentioned above, of a covert township shill and I've seen plenty of them. As for why I call attention to grammar...because it's a very good indication of the writer. It's what is called a "tell" in poker. When someone makes a grammar mistake it usually carries over to their other personaes. It's a dead give-away and you can see it a mile away. I do find it interesting that while you decry what you think are attacks on my part you have no problem attacking me and take pleasure in those who do. And finally, Jeff, I called attention to the fact that the township MUA workers had no problem tearing down Team-Mayer's political opponent's yard signs while oh the clock but nobody seemed to have a problem with that. Too negative for you, Jeff. Yeah, I get it, Jeff, and have a nice day.
Paul J. DiBartolo January 23, 2014 at 07:29 PM
>> township MUA workers... Let that read "Public Works employees.
Paul J. DiBartolo January 23, 2014 at 10:39 PM
BTW, Jeff Garcia and Co., feel free to use your real names at any time.


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