Jason Handy Sentenced for Taxi Assaults

DNA helped crack the cold case against the Blackwood man, who held up two taxi drivers at knifepoint in 2006.

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ -- A Blackwood man who held up two female cab drivers in knifepoint assaults—stuffing one in the trunk of her own taxi—was sentenced Friday to 23 years in state prison.

Jason Handy, 33, of Willow Cedar Way, must serve 85 of his sentence—more than 19 years—before he’s eligible for parole on the kidnapping and carjacking convictions.

Handy pleaded guilty in October to two assaults on the taxi drivers, one in March 2006 in Gloucester Township and the second in May 2006 in Lindenwold. In the first case, Handy assaulted the driver at knifepoint, bound and gagged her and stuffed her in the trunk of the cab. He then drove to Camden and abandoned the cab with the woman still in the trunk.

Handy tried a similar attack against a second driver two months later. That driver escaped before Handy could stuff her into the trunk.

Both women freed themselves and reported the attacks to police.

Handy went free for three years before DNA evidence pegged him to the assaults. He had to submit DNA in conjunction with a conviction in 2009, and that sample matched evidence collected from the 2006 assaults.

The judge who sentenced Handy, Samuel Natal, has met the defendant in court before. According to state records, Natal previously sentenced Handy to four years in prison for robbery and one year for unlawful taking. Handy was sentenced on those convictions in July 2009 and released in October 2011.

ManicD December 03, 2012 at 11:57 AM
As a cab driver, it always baffled me WHY any self-respecting "stick-up artist" would risk an Armed Robbery charge against the "chicken feed" he can expect from a Cab driver. AT BEST....if he happens to catch the "cabbie" at the end of his shift, and he's had a GREAT DAY/NIGHT.......he might get 3 or 4 hundred dollars.........MAYBE. More likely, he'll get the guy in the first half of his shift and perhaps one hundred will be closer to the mark......SO TO ALL THOSE ADVANCED THINKERS OUT THERE, WHO MAY BE HOPING TO "PICK-UP" SOME EXTRA HOLIDAY COINAGE........GROW A PAIR, AND GET A JOB. CUZ IF YOU GET IN MY CAB.....I'M PACKIN' AND I SHOOT BACK.
Edward Ratzell December 04, 2012 at 11:27 AM
If you shoot back anywhere in Jersey...it'll be you sitting in Rahway for MINIMUM ten years buddy. Not saying he wasn't wrong... not saying it wasn't heinous... but I am a friend of Jay's he wasn't in his normal state of mind. " insanity" defense should be possible for addicts, even more so in cases like this. . .Jay keep your head up bud . You have a whole crew out here that knows you're story and we're here to help...thank you for looking out for me brother.
Joe December 04, 2012 at 12:29 PM
First offense got 5 years and served two. Maybe he should have gotten ten and served them all. I'm surprised the anti gun judge didn't give him more time.
Abbie December 04, 2012 at 09:17 PM
You can't believe everything you read. That simple. The justice system severely failed him. I know him personally. He may be guilty of being on drugs, but he is not guilty of this. He didn't plead "Guilty". His public defender told him he couldn't defend his case and that he had to plead guilty. Every single time he went before the Judge, he voiced over and over again that his public defender was not by any means doing his due dilligence in this case. Not one single interview was conducted, no investigation, among many other discrepancies with the DNA and discovery package to give more than enough of a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately our legal system runs on money. If you don't have it to get a good attorney, well this is your outcome. But know that I will do everything I can to give him a fair chance!
Abbie December 04, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Thank you!!!!!


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