Multi-Town Operation Nets 47 Arrests on Blackwood Clementon Rd.

The five-department initiative along Blackwood Clementon Road results in 389 traffic stops and 47 arrests since mid-June.

Gloucester Township Police Department issued the following press release regarding an initiative it and several other police departments operated from mid-June through August along Blackwood Clementon Road:

The Gloucester Township Police Department recently partnered together with the Lindenwold, Pine Hill, Clementon and Berlin Borough Police Departments in a strategic public and traffic safety initiative. This collaborative effort, entitled Blackwood Clementon Road Enforcement Campaign, enhanced patrol and specialized operations in their respective jurisdictions along Blackwood Clementon Road (Camden County Route 534). Collectively employing highly visible traffic enforcement operations makes the communities safer by demonstrating that ignorance of traffic laws is not tolerated and assists in reducing motor vehicle crashes. Additionally, those aiming to commit crime clearly witness the heightened police presence with enforcement, and know that their likelihood of being detected while committing their crime is increased.  

This initiative, which began on June 15 and concluded Aug. 30 followed a similar initiative on Berlin Cross Keys Road which had proved to be very successful. The Blackwood Clementon Road Enforcement Campaign involved officers from each agency assigned for approximately four hours at specified times on each date to enforce their specific portions of Blackwood Clementon Road through each town. This initiative was conducted seven times throughout this summer. During each date of the initiative, these officers utilized various available resources such as automated license plate readers, speed radar, electronic ticketing, K-9 teams, and unmarked police vehicles.  

During the Blackwood Clementon Road Enforcement Campaign, there were a total of 389 motor vehicle stops conducted with 531 traffic summons issued, 102 verbal warnings issued, 87 warrants served and 47 arrests for various offenses—including nine arrests for drug offenses, 56 drivers cited for driving while suspended, and 53 drivers cited for operating an unregistered vehicle. The measure of success is not about numbers, but rather effectively suppressing crime, traffic violations and improving public safety by using the deterrent value of highly visible police presence and enforcement. This collaborative effort was made possible by the Camden County Chiefs of Police Mutual Aid Plan, which fosters partnerships and assistance between police departments throughout Camden County.


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