Next Step Mediation, but Township Teachers Turn Out Anyway [VIDEO]

Gloucester Township school district teachers have worked without a new contract since June.

About 150 teachers turned out for the Gloucester Township school board meeting Monday. Just about all were clad in bright, red polo shirts and blue and white buttons that read "United in Excellence."

In a state where it's illegal for teachers to strike, the township educators were flexing their muscles in another way.

"We just wanted make sure they don't forget about us," said Gloucester Township Education Association President Angel McDermott.

She said the next step is mediation for the 600-plus members in her bargaining unit. Their contract expired in June and now they're waiting for one of a limited number of state mediators to become available.

Until then, at board meetings like Monday's at Glen Landing Middle School, McDermott and the teachers will make their presence known.

Tara Feeley March 21, 2013 at 02:10 AM
I'd like to know why Bellmawr still contributes to the BHPRSD
Roger Delgado March 21, 2013 at 03:00 AM
Do you know what S1701 is and why they would moved around so much money in support of it in January? Is there anyone out there good at figuring these types of things out?
SJ Birds Fan March 21, 2013 at 02:04 PM
If Bellmawr would like to leave the district I would support it fully. Hell I would even give them Triton to make it happen. But you have to take Runnemede also.
l t Paine March 21, 2013 at 02:51 PM
When the Board started their hunt for a new Superintendent they hired a firm for over $5000 to find a replacement. Now we are stuck with Bilodeau as "INTERIM" Superintendent because for over a year they have found no one or so they say. I'm guessing they found no one willing to play the GTBOE political games and favors. I'm curious how many people they have interviewed since September and how many interviews are scheduled my guess, zero. Come July I'm willing to bet they will name Bilodeau Superintendent and get rid of the Interim tag. So as our schools continue their downward spiral this Board has done nothing to stop it, instead they continue with political games and favors. This Board expects Bilodeau to lead this District no classroom or teaching experience. No idea how buildings run, this was evident by Bilodeau and the Board's plan of moving Principals mid-year. Talk about a disruption in a building.Bilodeau leading this district really? If you believe the stories from employees he has had his own issues with this Board. Leaders lead by example is this what we want? We need new Board members that above the political games and favors and a new Superintendent that is an educator with new and fresh ideas. Time for people to vote down any Budget until we can see true numbers and to vote in new Board members.
alimar March 25, 2013 at 03:11 PM
Our children went all through Gloucester Twp. schools and did extremely well there. We chose Glo Twp to purchase our home 35 years ago because of the excellent school district. The teachers and staff were caring, supportive and did their jobs extremely well. The budget always passed because parents were happy with the school system. Houses maintained their value, also because of the excellent school system. Sadly, things have changed. Not because of the influx of poor people, but because of the influx of parents who do not value education for their children. You must maintain an excellent teaching staff, as well as parents who are active in their child's education, in order for children to do well in school. My children did not need after school tutoring or supportive services, because they had us, their parents. We never, ever, missed a conference or school event. It was hard because both of us worked full-time but we took vacation, or personal days to be there. Not sure about all of the politics with the mayor, BOE etc. I think the public needs to demand an audit from Trenton. With all of that said, I think there should be a settlement of the teachers' contract as soon as possible and as parents, get into the schools and make your presence known!


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