Passerby a Hero to Two Trapped in Car

Cuts down pair who were suspended upside down.

It's been kind of a slow week.

No, really. With Patch serving nearly 100 communities throughout New Jersey, we don't usually have much trouble finding some seriously jaw-drop-worthy (if not head-smack-worthy) incidents each Monday to feature in our "OMGs from NJ PDs." There are a lot of things you can call New Jersey's criminal element—but "graceful" isn't one of them, which gives us plenty of fodder.

Like there was that time we told you about . Or the woman who, police say, . We like anything involving pants. Or the disgruntled ex-boyfriend who (actually, we're not sure there's such a thing as the right house to set on fire). And who can forget the ?

But ... it's been kind of a slow week.

So today, we turn our attention away from the criminals and incidents that make you say "OMG, that's ridiculous" to one that makes you say "OMG, what a hero." .

Two women who were driving through Toms River owe some serious thanks to a passerby who came upon their 2000 Volkswagen—which was overturned after crashing into a tractor trailer that had been parked in the right lane of the road with its emergency lights on.

"When [the driver] realized the trailer wasn’t moving she attempted evasive action but her vehicle rode up the ramp, turned clockwise, then overturned,” Police Chief Michael Mastronardy said in an email.

The two women were stuck, upside-down in the car, police said. But the passerby, whom the chief declined to name, cut them down, and they escaped the incident with only minor injuries.

That gets an "OMG" and a "job well done."

Angela Oberholtzer August 16, 2011 at 04:20 PM
In reference to good Samaritans - I would like to send Kudos out to the gentleman who left his dry vehicle to help push a disabled vehicle in the pouring rain from the middle of Berlin Cross Keys Road.


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