Updated: Voters OK Fire Budgets in All 6 Districts

Results are in for Blackwood.

In an election marked by the typical low turnout, Gloucester Township voters approved fire budgets in all six districts.

Saturday’s polling asked voters to approve or reject the fire districts’ spending plans, as well as elect Board of Fire Commissioners representatives.

District 1: Glendora Fire Company

Budget passed: 39-12. District 1 will raise $286,400 from taxes to support a budget of $332,685 for the all-volunteer station. 

Incumbents Gary Emmett and John Atkinson ran unopposed for two three-year terms on the Glendora Board of Fire Commissioners and received 45 and 47 votes, respectively.

District 2: Chews Landing Fire Department

Budget passed: 555-180. District 2 will raise $1,632,130 through taxes to support a $1,815,630 budget.

Incumbent fire commissioners George Genzel and Ray Evans won seats with 544 and 611, respectively. They beat out newcomer James Moore, who received 298 votes.

District 3: Blenheim Fire Company

Budget passed: 56-12. Voters approved a tax levy of $366,021 to support a spending plan of $427,910 for the all-volunteer company.

Incumbent Donald Stires ran unopposed for a three-year term and received 69 votes.

District 4: Blackwood Fire Company

Budget passed: 160-37. Voters approved a tax levy of $1,103,704 to support a budget of $1,618,832.

Incumbent Joe Kaighn and challenger Steve Marsden won the two seats on the Blackwood Board of Fire Commissioners with 106 votes each. Incumbent Warren Stout received 104 votes and challenger Peter Simone 60.

District 5: Lambs Terrace Fire Company

Budget passed: 79-12. The tax levy of $1,374,323 supports a budget of $1,405,074.

Joseph DeRosa (92 votes) and Barry Engelbert (91 votes) ran unopposed for fire commissioner seats.

District 6: Erial Fire Department

Budget passed: 97-44. Voters approved a tax levy of $1,264,383 to support a $1,375,709 budget.

Newcomers George Flinn and William Loftus won fire commissioner seats with 111 and 113 votes, respectively.

Schu February 20, 2012 at 05:02 AM
There are roughly 65,000 thousand residents of GT with just a few hundred voting on this extended holiday weekend. Millions of dollars are being spent but we all are caught up with Houston's funeral we don't see what's happening right in front of us.
bob r February 20, 2012 at 03:46 PM
To be honest we dod not even know they were voting. When did they notify residents of glendora?
mark February 19, 2013 at 12:40 AM
they dont want you to know thats why. they want to pass the bugets buy the toys and get their money.


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