Camden County Conducting Emergency Roadwork on Hickstown Road in Pine Hill

Emergency road work continues through Wednesday.

The Camden County Freeholder Board’s Department of Public Works is conducting emergency road work on sections of Hickstown Road in Pine Hill through Wednesday.

“Camden County Public Works Crews have been diligently working to fill pot holes across Camden County,” said Freeholder Ian Leonard, liaison to the Camden County Department of Public Works.  “The harsh winter has made it necessary for us to mill and overlay complete sections of Hickstown Road in Pine Hill rather than patch holes in the pavement.”

Potholes can create safety hazards and can cause damage to vehicles, so Leonard urges motorists are urged to report any pothole they observe on Camden County roads.

“We need motorists to become engaged in this effort to make Camden County a better place to live and drive throughout our 1,200 lane miles of highway,” Leonard said.

Camden County is aggressive about locating and repairing potholes on all county maintained roads. The Freeholder Board asks residents to report road hazards they encounter to the Camden County Public Works Hotline (856) 566-2980.  The number is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I also invite residents to use social media to contact the Freeholder Board to bring items to our attention as well,” Leonard said.  “You can follow Camden County on Facebook and Twitter and we will respond to the same repair requests.”

For more information, contact the Camden County Department of Public Works at (856) 566-2980 or visit www.camdencounty.com.

--Press release from the Camden County Freeholder Board

Big Daddy 1 March 11, 2014 at 10:10 AM
So what about the rest of Pine Hill. It has been like Pothole Hill for years. I have complained, but it never gets fixed. Blackwood Clementon Road in that town has been awful for at least 5 years. I once tried a different route but still had to go through Pine Hill via their Erial Road. Just as bad. I have called your "hotline" a few times and left messages. No one ever answers and no one ever does anything. Maybe we can just move Pine Hill to...the Pines?


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