Two Incumbents Don't File Petitions for Council Run

Two incumbent Council members are not seeking reelection—at least it doesn't look like they are at the moment.

UPDATE 11:10 p.m.: Councilwoman Crystal Evans did not file a petition by Monday's deadline for the Township Council race, which will conclude with a Nov. 8 election, but indicated before and after Monday's Council meeting that she may be back.

"Well, we'll see," she said before the meeting when asked whether she would run this year. "I think we just need to see what happens over the course of the rest of the year."

"No. I want to say 'no,' because I'm not sure what the future holds right now," Evans said after the meeting when asked if the township had seen the last of her as a candidate for public office. "But I know we do need to change the mindset of this township and start looking toward doing new things and being open to new ideas."

Speculation is that Evans, a registered Democrat, could still run in November on an independent slate, or possibly even jump on the Republican ticket, which currently features Planning Board member Linda Musser, Samuel Garro, Erica Weissmann and Barbara Ashton.

Asked if either were possible, she simply responded: "I try not to look at parties. It's not about parties. It's about people."

Council Vice President Orlando Mercado is looking forward to campaign season. He and Council President Glen Bianchini are seeking reelection. Councilman Ken Garbowski is not.

"I'm excited. I'm looking forward to going out in our neighborhoods and meeting with residents again, hearing their concerns, and working to resolve them," Mercado said. "Hopefully, it will end in a positive result for our slate."


The race for four Township Council seats officially is underway.

Incumbent Democrats Glen Bianchini and Orlando Mercado, who currently serve as council president and vice president, respectively, are seeking reelection, but Councilman Ken Garbowski and Councilwoman Crystal Evans are not.

At least Garbowski and Evans did not file petitions to run by Monday's deadline.

Joining Bianchini and Mercado on the Democratic slate are former councilman Sam Siler and Tracey Trotto.

The Republican candidates for Council are Linda Musser, who is a member of the Township Planning Board, Samuel Garro, Erica Weissmann and Barbara Ashton.

The election will be held Nov. 8. All four seats will carry four-year terms.

The next township election will be held in November 2013, when three Council seats and the mayor's office will be up for grabs.

The filing deadline for the 2011 Township Council race was 4 p.m. today.

No independent candidates filed for the election, according to Township Clerk Rosemary DiJosie.

Sara Jeradi April 12, 2011 at 01:31 PM
It's a shame to see Evans go. She has helped so many, including me, over the past few years. I also feel bad for the new girl, Trotto. She reminds me of Gentek. The boys will use her as a yes vote, not explaining what she is saying yes to. I hope that she will review all material, listen to the residents and cast votes accordingly, if she wins. One question, what involvement do the incumbent Dems have with Kevin Piccolo? The Philly Inquirer article said that they where looking into Piccolo's dealings with Gloucester Township. If Piccolo is the head of the GT Dem Club, is the FBI also investigating two people on the council ballot?
telepathy April 12, 2011 at 05:07 PM
Kudos to Councilwoman Crystan Evans. She has staunchly taken up the crusade for the people and stand by the people for what the people of Gloucester Township so desperately deserves. Truth and honesty in the public servants we elect to represent our concerns as a community at large. This is so evident by the largess of our current property tax base and the small amount of what this large tax increase will ever allow our communities to enjoy. Councilwoman Evans does fight a good fight and she does stand tall amongst the large group of folk sitting up there. They think they've won because she won't run? Perhaps they should consider what the next move is for our Councilwoman before jumping joyously around claiming victory for the powers that be and toasting it as a loss for the people, we shall see! Mercado is on the hot list for the candidate(s) most people would love to see gone from this Council after serving so many years with nothing muchado to show for bout what he's done here for the township, except sign-off on millions of our hard earned tax dollars to his friends and family and their friends and family and so on. He is an iconic histrionic muse and it's time for him to become extinct. I for one, don't think any of these old heads should go back to Council. Can we get some really fresh, clean-cut people to pick up the ball and roll the old folk out in wheelchairs?
Keisha April 13, 2011 at 02:21 AM
Crystal Evans will be the first black woman elected to office in Gloucester Twp. Thirty-eight years ago, Crystal Evans was the first black child to attend her Connecticut elementary school. Tomorrow, she will break another barrier, becoming the first black woman to hold an elected office in the Camden County community of Gloucester Township. Evans, 43, a Democrat, was the leading vote getter in November’s elections to fill four Township Council seats. “On Election Day, I didn’t think I would win,” she said. “I was actually praying.” She credited her victory to her job as a caseworker in the legislative office where she helped countless constituents. “They gave back to me by going to the polls,” she said. Norcross cronie Sandy Love was jealous beause Councilwoman Evans gave her a beat down that night and she felt intimidated ever since. Evans carried the ticket for the Democrats that night. Evans was the only Democrat endorsed along with the Republican slate by the Courier post and Love wasn't, she went ballistic and told her best friend George Norcross who immediately bought the Courier Post. Norcross had to make it up to his friend Sandy Love because she was enraged with anger that she was at the bottom of the ticket in numbers so Norcross Misdirected Federal Stimulus Dollars to construct a street next to CCC and named it Love Road. The Money Norcross inappropriatey spent should have gone to roads that were slated for repair but they didn't. Reply
Keisha April 13, 2011 at 02:28 AM
Councilwoman Evans has had to deal with racism on this council board and Dan Hutchinsons irresponsible remarks. He should not be serving on the Human Relation Commission Board. I can see why the Justice Department is here. This is a very biased council and the videos and their actions reflect it. The mayor has some explaining to do as well and I am sure the Justice Department is not going to be to happy when they see the horrible way Councilwoman Evans has been treated if they haven't already seen. Evans has many Senatorial friends from other states who are enraged with what they have seen and they are in her corner. Norcross crossed the line and he will pay for what he did and so will his scumbag sidekicks. The email situation could spark serious concerns and possible legal ramifications for the Mayor, Council and township Attorney. That was a big no no.
Joshua Berry April 13, 2011 at 01:07 PM
Whether you personally agree with any individual councilpersons personal or political life, being on the Gloucester Township Council takes a lot of time and work for a very small salary. As I have moved from being active on a state-level to a local level, I have gotten an appreciation for what members of council do as individuals, from making appearances to attending meetings to staying late after a meeting to talk to residents one on one. It almost is like having a second full-time job. To Councilman Garbowski and Councilwoman Evans: I thank you for your time serving my town. I did not always agree with both of you but as an adult and member of this community I respect the time you spent over the past 4 years. Best wishes for whatever you do next. To everyone else: now is the time to "put up or shut up". If you are not happy with the remaining members of council or the people running on the Democratic ticket then get involved and support the Republican ticket or form your own third party ticket and run yourselves. The council meetings have way too many empty seats, except for when there are special awards or a specific vote that affects a a group of people. Now is the time to get involved -- show up and be part of the process. Volunteer your time to help get people elected. Get your ideas and energy out there. Do something more than just posting on internet blogs.


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