Colombi Ready to Announce Another Run for Commissioner

The mayor will make an announcement about her candidacy Saturday at the annual Haddonfield Mayor's Breakfast.

Tish Colombi, the borough mayor, is set to announce her candidacy for another four years on the Board of Commissioners.

Colombi, who has been one of three borough commissioners for the past 28 years and the mayor for the past 10, said she will make an announcement about her candidacy at the annual Mayor's Breakfast Saturday morning at the First Presbyterian Church.

When asked by a reporter if she intended to declare her candidacy she said: "Can't abandon the ship in the middle of the stream."

Commissioners Ed Borden and Jeff Kasko on Monday were not ready to say if they were running for another four-year term.

"You'll have to ask my wife," Borden said with a smile. He said he will not likely make an announcement on his candidacy on Saturday.

Kasko echoed Borden about running.

"We'll see," he said. Kasko also said he did not intend to announce his intentions on Saturday.

Colombi, Borden and Kasko are all scheduled to deliver their annual state of the borough addresses at the breakfast and the Lions Club citizen of the year will also be announced.

Borden has been a commissioner for eight years and Kasko for four. The borough is under the commission form of government in which three commissioners are elected and then elect a mayor among themselves.

The borough is also under a nonpartisan form of government in which party affiliations are not declared. But for the record, Colombi and Kasko are Republicans and Borden is a Democrat. 

The election will be held on the second week of May and candidates will have to file a nominating petition with Camden County by March 15.

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David Siedell January 17, 2013 at 03:28 PM
or with the smaller amount could be rebates from senior-freeze programs or some other rebate program for an eligible property.
Joe Taxpayer January 17, 2013 at 05:06 PM
Dave, the use of using deferred school taxes is a budget trick to hide the fact that you don't have sustainable revenues to fund expenses. When the use - each year counts against the total - equals 100, the amount used is now due and it will create a budget revenue shortfall. We are at 87% There should be a resolution each year adopting its use and the amount which I am having trouble finding.
David Siedell January 17, 2013 at 09:28 PM
I'm going to answer this as the President of the Haddonfield Civic Association: Go to a commissioner meeting and ask this question to Jeff Kasko Commissioner of Finance for Haddonfield. Get an answer or be left with more questions, then use this and other outlets to explain it or to apply pressure to get clarity. The HCA's camera is at almost every meeting. Everyone can then see the context of the question asked by you and the quality of the answer said by him. I applaud both sides for doing their Civic duty. Haddonfield United and One Haddonfield are volunteered by our neighbors. You may not agree with one side or the other but take a minute an appreciate they have one huge goal in common, the welfare of Haddonfield and its residents. Just coming on message boards and asking questions is a good start. We as citizens are asked to supply time, talent or treasure. We are always asked for Treasure! The best part is the more time and talent you spend the less treasure is needed.
Joe Taxpayer January 17, 2013 at 09:44 PM
Thanks Dave. I'm a little camera shy though. Maybe the Commissioners should be more proactive and transparent with the data and I wouldn't have to work google so hard. I am sure that Bill Duhart would happily take a monthly letter from the Mayor and explaining these things. Here is what I just located - the 2011 audit. See page 26 of the document - sheet 13 which shows the school tax use and remaining balance. This is all public information but the details and explanations from the commissionerson why they are using this accounting trick are weak at best. http://www.haddonfieldnj.org/pdf/2012-update/2011-Annual-Financial-Stmt.pdf We need to know what made up the $1.7M of surplus used in the 2012 budget. If it was deferred school taxes, then we have a big bill coming our way. Bill, it's easy. Ask the Mayor how much deferred school tax was used in the 12 budget and how much they anticipate using in the 13 budget? Then ask, once the allocation is all gone, where will this money come from? See if you get a response
Jeff H January 17, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Dave, no sermon required. I spent 5 years on the Shade Tree Commission where a dedicated group of residents applied for and received $45k in grant money to perform a past due and sorely needed tree inventory. You know what we discovered? 1,700 of our borough trees are dead or will be dead within a few years. They will come down whether they are ignored or not. You know what else? NOTHING has been done about this issue. It's been 2+ years and only a small percentage of the trees that require attention have received it. Sound familiar? Think STREETS. Now you tell me, what additional meetings should we attend in order to get the attention of the Commissioners? We gave the time and talent. Apparently that wasn't enough? TWO YEARS Dave.


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