Fire Elections: Blenheim, Erial and Lambs Terrace

Get the low-down on your local fire district elections.

Fire district elections will be held across New Jersey this Saturday, including in Gloucester Township.

Polls will be open at the six Gloucester Township fire districts' station houses from 2 to 9 p.m. (Editor's note: Click links below for addresses.)

Gloucester Township Patch previews the elections for Blenheim, Erial and Lambs Terrace here.

Check back later this week for a look at the elections in the Blackwood, Chews Landing and Glendora fire districts.

In Blenheim (Fire District No. 3), incumbents Amy Tarves and Leo Foglio are running unopposed for two new three-year terms on the Board of Commissioners. District 3 voters are also being asked to approve a $371,847 tax levy for the all-volunteer company in 2013—an increase of just $5,826 from 2012.

In Lambs Terrace (Fire District No. 5), incumbents Richard Baker and Anthony Tomasco are running unopposed for two new three-year terms on the Board of Commissioners. District 5 voters are also being asked to support a $1,399,256 tax levy—an increase of $24,933 from 2012

In Erial (Fire District No. 6), incumbents Joseph C. Chew and Steven M. Funkhouser are running unopposed for two new three-year terms on the Board of Commissioners, while incumbent Richard W. Annacone Jr. is seeking a two-year unexpired term.

District 6 voters are also being asked to support a $1,360,751 budget—a decrease of $14,958 from 2012. The tax levy under the budget proposal would be $1,278,602—an increase of $14,219 as compared to 2012.

mark February 13, 2013 at 07:52 PM
why is it we have to have 6 different fire districts in one town. 5 paid fire commisioner per district. duplication of equipment, each department trying to out due the other and none of them can work together.
Sean McCullen February 13, 2013 at 08:05 PM
Just added above: The District 6 tax levy under the budget proposal would be $1,278,602—an increase of $14,219 as compared to 2012.
Darren Gladden February 13, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Cause the people in Power can control more MONEY and get there boys contracts and jobs ......Mark that how they roll .....Hey Just look into David Carlamere Director Department of Law.......See if he collect a check in each District ...GET the truth and it will MAKE YOU sick .......This WHOLE town really needs to look at how things are run .....It will make you http://youtu.be/WINDtlPXmmE JCID
Sean Carlin February 14, 2013 at 01:29 AM
Darren, the fire districts have always been that way. I agree that all six need to be consolidated, but there are more factors going into it than people in power wanting more control.
Darren Gladden February 14, 2013 at 03:55 AM
Listen THEY have all the control already and we need TO change ...Listen when I was young I volunteer in a Fire company and I'm Just saying it's so Hard to accept everybody to keep Volunteering WHY the Part time 52,000 people just want to play Hollywood ...........It's bad Sean the LEADERSHIP we have today has no vision there TIME has come and has pass them BYE. We need new FRESH moves .............. Now do I respect the GOOD they have done in the past ........ Yes I do but today this LEADERSHIP in this Township is strongly LACKING a plan or vison to make this TOWNSHIP better and come together to lower Taxes , CLEAN UP THE BALLFIELDS playground and Give our youth something to do ..... When I was growning up down the BHP GT was one of the Towns I look to rise a family thought THIS TOWNSHIP was the BOMB ..I believe they had there act together .......Little Mill , Gendora skating Rink and Chew landing mall . Top Schools in the STATE great Town ..Now whats do we have .. SMH ....Wake up people of GT it's time to change things for the BETTER .......It's not like we can go anywhere the NEWS coming out of this town in the past YEARS . Do you really THINK ANYBODY WANTS TO MOVE HERE ......Hope the next crew that get's in can clean up the MESS that Dave and his Team are making ..Sorry for being so blunt all the time but I do want to see this towm improve but with the moves this Mayor and council are making .....Makes me want to cry cause they really are not LISTENING to there own PEOPLE


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