Gloucester Township Council Election Results

The unofficial results from Tuesday's election have the Democrats sweeping the race by a wide margin.

Here are the unofficial results from Tuesday's Township Council election, as per the Gloucester Township Clerk's Office, with the winners of four seats in bold:

Glen Bianchini - 5,186

Orlando Mercado - 5,076

Tracey Trotto - 4,944

Sam Siler - 4,929

Sam Garro - 3,312

Erica Weissmann - 3,309

Linda Musser - 3,300

Ted Liddell - 3,245

Darren Gladden - 459

These results do not include absentee ballots.

Check back with Gloucester Township Patch later tonight or early Wednesday for reaction from the campaigns.

Robert November 12, 2011 at 03:00 AM
Councilwoman Crystal Evans Beat them four years ago and they can't get over it. Councilwoman Crystal Evans is NOT a Norcross Puppet. Councilwoman Evans endured alot of bullying from them and people saw this and they're not very happy, this may be why the Democrats in Gloucester Township knew they had to spend at least a quarter of a million dollars and a whole lot of hanky panky on those machines and ballots to win this slim election that has now become a major investigation to the township and county. Thank you Councilwoman Evans for standing up to these Political Bullies. Thank you GTGOP and thank you to the Independent who ran against these dirty Democrats in Gloucester Township. You are motivating the people to demand a challenge for change.
Robert November 12, 2011 at 03:10 AM
Image what the real numbers looked like for the Republicans and Independent before the Dirty Dems engaged in trashing ballots, rolling back numbers on the machine, playing hanky panky, spreading vicious blantant lies, character assisinating and creating negative havoc all out of desperation to win and please King George. The Democrats inthis township appear to be cowards. Fortunately the GOP, Josh Berry, Tom Crone, Darren Gladden and Councilwoman Evans all came together to take down this corruption. No wonder the national news stations want to talk to them. Keep it up guys. Your doing a great job. This will soon be over and all those that are Last will be made First. Thats in the bible. You will rise and shine and all those haters will be bow down to you.
Robert November 12, 2011 at 03:13 AM
I wouldn’t consider this a landslide by no means. This is where the Pettiness minds kick in. 1st - The Democratic Party spent almost a Quarter of a Million Dollars for a Local Race, only to fraudulently win by a small margin. 2nd – There was an enormous amount of voter irregularities that have been reported by several residents about machines not counting the votes correctly. A couple machines were shut down. If you voted for the Republican party candidate, it automatically went to the Democratic Party Candidate. It’s insane, it’s crazy how this system operates. You figure this has been controlled under a one rule order of Government. The Superintendent of Elections is a Democrat appointed by the McGreevy Administration and she has been on there for several years and still counting.
Robert November 12, 2011 at 03:17 AM
The Assistant Superintendent of elections has a position that is appointed by the Governor, BUT it must be approved by Senatorial Courtesy. Those Senators are Camden County Senators, Madden, Beach and Norcross so forget it. There is no way they will approve an appointment for a Republican or someone they can not control. This position is still vacant. The only Superintendent position is Phyllis Pearl who is a Norcross puppet and in control of the board of elections for the county. Imagine a Democratic Superintendant overseeing the county elections and by the time numbers and machines reach the state, they have been altered. No one challenges them and they get away with it. This is why they keep winning. Cook the books, play with the machines, trash their opponents and get the public to believe their facade and game and keep the people drawn into their negative lies. Unfortunately this CULTURE and Behavior is what has kept them in power. No Challenge/No Change. A quarter of a million dollars for 5,100 votes in a township of 70,000. That is an embarrassment and using contractors they hired and got campaign contributions from is an even bigger embarrassment. The irony is they have no shame, no guilt no sense of wrongdoing. In their mind, they are invinsible and far from being caught. They have had years of this and no one has challenged them until now. If they feel threatened by certain people, they attack them. They fear the truth will uncover their dirty deeds.
Robert November 12, 2011 at 03:19 AM
Keep educating the people, report their wrong doing to the proper authorities, eventually wrong is made right and what is up must fall down. They have no idea who they have wronged, but they have only made it worse for themselves. Keep up the good work, we know your goals and you will succeed.


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