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Hit a Pothole? Report It Via Camden County's Hotline

Camden County's Department of Public Works has a 24-hour hotline for reporting potholes on its network of roads, as well as non-county roads.

Camden County submitted the following news release to Patch: 

Despite the best efforts of the Camden County Department of Public Works, the winter has taken its toll on our roadways. To combat its effects, Camden County is aggressively locating and repairing potholes on all county maintained roads on daily basis. Multiple crews are out on the streets, unless it rains, filling and patching potholes throughout our highway network. 

The Freeholder Board asks residents to report road hazards they encounter by calling the Camden County Public Works Hotline at 856-566-2980, going to our website at www.camdencounty.com or contacting us through social media on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/camdencountynj.com or on Twitter at @camdencountynj. The hotline is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

“It has always been the case that residents are our best eyes on roadways and we, as a collective Board, want to address potholes, weeds, trash and line striping in our roadway network from the Delaware River to the county line,” said Freeholder Ian Leonard, liaison to the Camden County Department of Public Works. “We need you to become engaged in this effort to make Camden County a better place to live and to address areas of concern throughout our 400 miles of highway.”

When residents call the Highway Department to report an issue, county personnel will come out to address the situation within a short period of time. Trash will be cleaned up through a combination of county crews and the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program (SLAP), in which the Sheriff has the ability to put non-violent offenders to work cleaning area roadways.

“This program is dependent on us, your elected officials, and Camden County residents working together to identify areas in need of improvements,” Leonard said.  “As a Board we are always looking at ways to create more access and engagement with the public.  The Department of Public Works Hotline provides direct access to a significant department with a core mission of keeping cars on the roads and our region moving.”

“As a freeholder, I believe it is imperative to offer our services through digital formats so I urge residents to use social media to contact the Freeholder Board to bring items to our attention as well,” Leonard said. “You can follow Camden County on Facebook and Twitter and we will respond to the same requests for potholes, overgrowth, crosswalk striping and trash along our highway system.”

Additionally, residents may also identify concerns on a non-county road, and the request will be routed to the proper municipality or the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

“Please use this service as a one-stop shop where residents can have questions answered and problems solved. I am confident that this program will improve our roadways, curbs and crosswalks throughout our 228 square miles. Furthermore, these tangible enhancements will improve our neighborhoods and gives us cleaner surroundings that will create dividends for our quality of life and our long-term future as a region,” said Leonard. “We understand that continuing to maintain our resources and assets makes this region second to none.”

These new interactive constituent features are in addition to more than $40 million worth of investments the freeholder board is making into the county’s overall infrastructure this construction season.

For more information, contact the Camden County Department of Public Works at 856-566-2980 or visit www.camdencounty.com.

Big Daddy 1 February 28, 2013 at 02:26 PM
Did that. Just a waste of time like anything else our government is supposed to do. The real bad pothole problem has been here more than 3 years.
Andre Bademos March 02, 2013 at 09:33 PM
What is the street Big Daddy I will have some left over blacktop from redoing my driveway tell me were to pour it and if the county wont fix your pothole I will. It is being poured Tuesday as long as there is no bad rain. I should have almost a cube left because of the way I had to buy it so if you tell me I'll fix it for you. we all have to do our part I'm willing to donate the cube to your street problem you have to tell me where its at.


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