Search for Gentek's Replacement Underway

Councilwoman Michelle Gentek becomes a Camden County freeholder in January.

The process to find Michelle Gentek's replacement on Gloucester Township Council recently got underway, according to Council President Glen Bianchini.

Gentek will become a Camden County freeholder in January following her Nov. 6 election to the Board of Chosen Freeholders as part of a Democratic Party sweep of county races.

A date for the freeholders' 2013 reorganization meeting, during which Gentek will take her oath of office, had not been set as of Friday afternoon, according to Camden County spokesman Dan Keashen.

Gentek has one year remaining on her four-year term as councilwoman. Council's Dec. 27 meeting will be her last as a member of the township's governing body.

The Gloucester Township Democrat Committee recently began accepting applications from individuals who are interested in filling the remainder of Gentek's term, Bianchini said. The selected individual could also be named to the Democrats' slate in next November's election.

The Council President indicated the local Democratic Party committee will forward a list of three candidates to Council for its consideration.

It has not yet been determined whether those three candidates will be interviewed by the full Council or a subcommittee, Bianchini said following Monday night's Council work session. If by the full Council, the interviews would have to take place in a public forum.

Bianchini told Patch he did not have any early information on candidates to replace Gentek.

"I really haven't gotten into any of that," he said.

Bianchini also noted Council could potentially leave Gentek's seat open for a time after the Dec. 27 meeting, even after she assumes the county office in January.

Gloucester Township Council will likely hold its reorganization meeting on Jan. 2. A date has not yet been finalized, though.

Paul J. DiBartolo December 09, 2012 at 05:42 PM
My guess, Darren, fill out all the paperwork in triplicate, add a slight fee for proce$$ing, and then deposit the completed application in the circular file. That's probably how far Mr. Hutchison's advice will get you. Just care, I can't.
Darren Gladden December 10, 2012 at 02:45 AM
anyone can care Paul , Stop being so bitter and understand things will get better if we just care and keep hope alive
Paul J. DiBartolo December 10, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Actually, Darren, there's no bitterness at all, just a healthy dose of skepticism. It would actually be a waste of time to get bitter. The most I can do is sit back and smile at all the antics that go on in GT. The truth is, you gotta laugh...to keep from crying.
@xxLouA December 10, 2012 at 05:34 PM
when it comes time to vote they will all vote the same to keep them all in so what's the difference...they kept O'B in for another term with more promises than he can handle except they one oh.....never mind what's the use....
Darren Gladden December 11, 2012 at 05:11 AM
strong words coming from you Paul and yes "SIR" YOU ARE right it is better to laugh then to cry anyday but Crying sometimes cleans the mind and make's you THINK . Maybe the GTGOP and the Dems need to have a cry fest and then get some stuff done ..........It's about all of us "Peeps" to wake up and understand WE need and have earn better LEADERSHIP in our local GOVERNMENT if GT does not wake up and vote some of the rift RAFT out this year .......Nothing going to change ;-( so I will load up on some Tissues if Dave Mayor and his team don't make MAJOR changes and wise the heck up ........Just care , I do


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