Changes Considered for Dangerous Erial Intersection

Council discussed lobbying for a possible reconfiguration of the intersection of Williamstown and New Brooklyn Roads.

The township is considering ways to make a tricky intersection in the Erial section safer. 

Monday's Gloucester Township Council workshop meeting included some discussion of a resolution requesting changes at the intersection of Williamstown and New Brooklyn roads.

The concern among township officials is that the intersection's current configuration is dangerous and has been the scene of a large number of crashed over the years. The common complaint has been that vehicles turning left off Williamstown Road and onto Erial-New Brooklyn Road are hit by vehicles traveling south on New Brooklyn Road.

The township is expected to look into a new configuration, which could potentially include re-configuring the islands at the intersection or removing them entirely. There is no traffic signal at the three-way intersection.

Both Williamstown Road and New Brooklyn Road are a part of the Camden County highway system. The county is responsible for maintenance and repair of both roads.

New Brooklyn Road has also been one of the county roads affected by the the county Municipal Utilities Authority's sewer expansion project. The project has snarled traffic throughout Gloucester Township since last summer.

GTWatchdawg February 10, 2013 at 01:50 PM
Township Engineer knew about this for over a year. This is not new. It has gotten increasingly worse catering to Winslow twp. Sicklerville Rd got repaved and didn't even need it. I wonder who travels that road that would have asked for that? It's about time that this township paid attention to the Erial section. The First Lady of Erial, Mrs. Sara Bass Young asked the Mayor for even just a sign welcoming people to Erial and recognizing it's identity, but Mayor Mayer refused her request, stating that we are Gloucester Township, "one town". even though other sections of town have identifiable signs, for example Blackwood. It's OK to take Erial residents tax money, but not look out for that section. The crime is horrible, the roads are horrible but their taxes continue to rise. Cobblestone seems to get attention, but ask the residents of Mulberry Station, Wye Oaks, Clementona, Breckenridge,Terrestria,and Brittney Woods, how it's working. for them.


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