Township Budget Introduced, Brings No Tax Hike

The proposed budget, if adopted, would keep the local property tax rate the same as last year.

Residents would receive the same municipal tax bills this year as they did last year under the proposed 2012 township budget.

The township's 2012 budget, as introduced during Monday night's Township Council meeting, calls for the same exact tax levy as the 2011 spending plan's.

Th budget proposal carries "a zero increase for the third straight budget year in a row," Council President Glen Bianchini said.

A public hearing on the 2012 budget has been scheduled for Monday, April 23.

Councilman Sam Siler was among several elected officials to publicly thank Cardis and his staff, as well as Mayor David Mayer, during Monday's meeting for putting together a budget without a tax hike.

"We'll take a look at it and see if any additional cuts can be made," Siler added.

The $51,616,205 spending plan is to be supported by a $37,346,064 local tax levy—the same tax revenue called for to support $49.4 million in appropriations for 2011—Business Administrator Tom Cardis said.

Cardis noted the township will use $3.8 million from surplus to help keep the tax rate where it was for 2011. The surplus fund would dip from about $5 million to a little more than $1.2 million under the budget, he noted.

The township is expected to receive in 2012 the same $5,106,459 in state aid it received in support of its last two budgets.

While a handful of residents clapped loudly after Council unanimously voted to accept the no-tax-hike budget, a few took to the microphone during the meeting's public portion to ask why the township could not reduce taxes, particularly in light of newfound revenue.

"Being proud of a zero-increase budget is great politically, but for taxpayers, if there's an abundance of revenue coming in, maybe we would consider lowering our taxes rather than spending our money. Is that feasible?" Ray Polidoro, chairman of the Gloucester Township Republican Municipal Committee, said, noting increased revenue from red-light cameras along Blackwood Clementon Road and commercial development in Sicklerville in recent years. "Maybe there's a few things we don't need to buy."

Cardis indicated there's very little flexibility when building the township's budget given mandated payments to the public employees' pension programs, ever-rising insurance costs and debt service, among other appropriation hikes from year to year.

"There is a need for $5 million in work," the business administrator said, referring to a $5 million-plus capital spending plan for which Council approved a bond ordinance on first reading Monday night. "This is a big town. ... If you're saying we shouldn't spend money on capital (improvements), I respectfully disagree."

Mayer, who has introduced the budget since taking office in January 2010, did not attend Monday's Council meeting. He is attending the National League of Cities' Congressional City Conference in Washington, D.C. this week.

ymbdfa March 15, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Paul most people do not spout off at the mouth false things and pretend they are facts. So basically you’re stating everything you said about the red-light cameras or the last 18 months has been am uninformed lie because you really didn't know the truth. That said why did you go around condemning people making false statements about them without any proof to back anything up? Usually only idiots do things like that. Now let’s see if you’re a man or your really just the SJC ponyboy (Joshua berry can tell you what that is he seems to have that experience on his knees) weasel that waddled back to his chair with his tail between his legs. As to your comment that most people ask questions at council when they are not sure of something, well that is true, but like you, weasels make uneducated accusations and demand other prove them wrong, which has happened in this case. When I scroll up I see you are the one that demanded the proof that you were wrong, You just got it, now are you a man will you apologize to Mayor Mayer and council for your irresponsible remarks? Better yet will you hold Ex-Mayor Rau Hatton and Crystal Evans (who petitioned the Governor for this) responsible the implementation of the red light cameras like you have done to this innocent council or are you just a complete hypocrite weasel?
ymbdfa March 15, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Darren you are so lost in what this article and this blog is about you could not find your way home with a guide dog. People like you are the problem and now we see you are profiting from a municipal hack job yourself. If I am to believe what your organization posted in other blogs on here you’re pension padding with your appointed position that makes you no better than the people you criticize. In fact it only makes you nothing more than a hypocrite.
Bill M March 15, 2012 at 11:29 PM
What a joke put up red light camera 's to steal from your own citizens. Then get suv's when gas go's to record high real smart
Darren Gladden March 15, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Really I'm a hypocrite atlest I'm a man that can Honor and stand behind what I have to say ......................
Darren Gladden March 16, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Ymbdfa ,,,,,This song is for you now come give me a Hug . http://youtu.be/vORYIaKiD_4


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