Township Tax Levy Stays Same in Proposed '13 Budget

Gloucester Township Mayor David Mayer introduces the 2013 municipal budget during Monday's Council meeting.

Residents would receive roughly the same municipal tax bills this year as they did last year under the proposed 2013 township budget.

The township's 2013 budget, as introduced by Mayor David Mayer during Monday night's Township Council meeting, calls for the same exact tax levy as the 2012 spending plan's.

"I'm very proud to say that for four years in a row, we are introducing a budget that holds the line on taxes," Mayer said. "We've worked hard over these last three-and-a-half years to straighten out our township's finances, to upgrade our bond rating to an A+."

The $53,489,254 spending plan is to be supported by a $37,346,064 local tax levy—the same tax revenue called for to support $51,616,205 in appropriations for 2012—Business Administrator Tom Cardis said.

In fact, as Mayer pointed out, the township's tax levy has been the same going back to the fiscal year 2010 budget.

A public hearing on the 2013 budget has been scheduled for Monday, March 25.

An exact tax rate in support of the 2013 township budget has not yet been calculated.

Cardis noted the rate, which would impact municipal tax bills, could go up or down a bit based on whether there was an increase or decrease in the municipal ratable base. He stressed any change would "not be significant" either way.

The 2012 municipal budget's tax rate came in at about 82.4¢ per $100 of assessed property value, for an annual tax bill of about $1,648 for a home assessed at $200,000.

The township's 2012 budget was not adopted by Council until May.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is to deliver his state budget address Tuesday afternoon. That address will likely provide a clearer picture on how much money municipalities and school districts can expect from Trenton.

Last year, Gloucester Township received $5,106,459 from the state—the same amount it received in support of its 2011 budget.

Darren Gladden March 04, 2013 at 05:39 PM
Okay Mr. I live in da dream work with spins and lies ....40,000 ....'Really " Talk about facts not being right . See once again you make it about me . It's not about me but if I had a 1/4 of the money the Dems steal out of this town I WOULD WIN HANDS Down ....PS I'M ALWAYS BOUCING AROUND TOWN ....Just care , I do ...Keep up with your lies hack and come have a Beer summit with me ....O "Yea that right you have to Lotion Dave down for his spray Tan .......Just care , I will not back down from your Attacks LapDog . Now go to Dave maybe he will throw you a Bone ....SMH ,,,Your spin is getting to Old .....Now answer my QUESTION ....... WHO SPENDING ALL THE TAX MONEY CINDY who Rise ......Please it's a real simple answer ........WAITING ....Give you a Hint , The dude use to have a really bad stach http://youtu.be/tgJgy0PRaJQ
Andre Bademos March 04, 2013 at 05:50 PM
Darren I can assure you lotioning Dave down for a spray tan would be more enjoyable then having a beer with you. That said I suppose spray tans are something else you just shared with us that you know nothing about, as there is no need for lotion to get a spray tan. Maybe that was just your attempt at Sarcasm. On another note I would love to answer your question and I believe I did, your question,; Who is wasting our tax money? My answer: Nobody! See your question was answered you just did not like the answer and for that there is no help for you. Now I did ask you to tell me exactly what you consider a waste and I will tell you If it is a waste or not but if I prove it is not a waste I expect you will be a man and admit you were wrong. Want to take me up on it? You must have some idea of something in the budget that is a waste since you have been on these blogs day after day making your assertions.
Darren Gladden March 04, 2013 at 06:00 PM
One paying the mayor 52,000 dollars a year PART TIME " Really" is a waste . . 2. Public works OMG .........Let's talk about the waste going thru that Dept .Now I can be hear my whole life combing this Budget AND PICKING THRU THE WASTE. wait another one . ... OMG Director of Community Development & Planning is a waste cause for one if the Director plan is to have Boarded up bussiness and homes . Having our value of our houses go DOWN and down each day . Roads not being pave . ....I can go on and on but I'm getting tried . See my points ....No you will not lapdog... Everything is Sunshine and Rainbows ...PS why does Dave always have a nice Tan ......SMH ......People Please wake up and Vote Team Dave out .....I don't care if 2 monkeys and a tree bat is running against them ......Just care , I do
Paul J. DiBartolo March 04, 2013 at 06:03 PM
Take a breath, Andre, you're starting to froth at the mouth. It's also interesting to notice that the more excited you become and the further your rant proceeds the more you loose the ability to communicate intelligently as your spelling, grammar, and punctuation go right down the hopper. My advice to you...breathe in, breathe out...repeat as necessary until you feel calm.
Big Daddy 1 March 04, 2013 at 06:36 PM
Your own posts proved it was Mayer that raised Rau-Hauten's proposed 44 million budget to 50 million for 2010. So since your intent was to make Mayor Mayer look good, you screwed up. You proved to us ortherwise. That lingering doubt I had about who raised the budget is now a proven fact Proven by you. Thank you Mr. Badamos or ymbfa or ymdfa or whoever you are. Keep talking. The hole you dig just keeps getting deeper and deeper.


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