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Wanted at Triton: Microdonors to Buy Chemistry Supplies

Triton teacher Jack Feighan hopes the power of social media comes through, again, to help his students.

Jack Feighan is batting five for five—can he make it an even six?

The Triton Regional High School chemistry teacher is back with another request for his class on Donors Choose. The website allows donors to make small contributions to projects, all of which revolve around education.

Feighan latest ask is his biggest: Hot Plates for All.

A majority of our labs involve the use of hot plates. We use the hot plates to get materials to the proper temperature. Unfortunately, we do not have enough hot plates to go around. We have to double up our lab groups and as a result we have more students simply observing the activity rather than taking part. If we had two more hot plates more of our students could benefit from the activities.

Feighan needs to raise $809.89 in all for the two hot plates. So far, the project has one $10 donor.

While Donors Choose isn’t necessarily a very common way to get classroom supplies, it certainly has worked for Feighan. He has funded five projects through the site, including the recent “Adventures in Chemistry: Space, the Final Frontier.”

“To make science real, you have to connect it to life. It’s not just book learning. Students like real things they can touch and see,” Feighan told Patch in October.

Donors Choose will list the project until May 30. You can view the project or make donations directly through Donors Choose.

Anonymous 4 CamCo February 05, 2013 at 01:53 PM
When Patch wrote this article it was their intention to show the dedication if a teacher and his love of sharing knowledge. What this article uncovers is far more disturbing and remarkable. We will applaud Mr. Feighan and all teacher like him who make a difference in our childrens' lives. But we must turn our sights on the BHPRSD and ask why they have teachers begging in the street for basic classroom tools. We must question the administration on where all if the money is being spent that a teacher must beg, FOR THE SIXTH TIME, for teaching supplies. We must ask how many other teachers in Gloucestet Township are doing this. We must ask where us the elected school board and some fiscal sanity. Answers are now demanded. Mel is correct, maybe the town should help out with the schools and not but a new election year toy. Look around at the for sale signs, foreclosure signs, chewed up roads, boarded up businesses, the crime rate and question why taxes jeep going up and money is disappearing. We are tightening our belts and doing more with less, it's time for the political elite to do the same. Demand answers, do not accept excuses. We are legion. We are watching. We are here.
Paul J. DiBartolo February 05, 2013 at 02:34 PM
Exactly, Anonymous; our taxes are through the roof and per-student spending costs in the BHP Regional School District are at about $16,000. Where is the money going? While I emphasize with this teacher and commend him for caring it would have to be a cold day before I would reach into my pocket and pull out anymore money for anything in this township or district. A word of advice for the BHP Regional School District...Get your house in order. As a tax-payer, I'm not asking, I'm demanding and I think that's my right.
Anonymous 4 CamCo February 05, 2013 at 06:59 PM
Lets point out another huge issue, the BHPRSD and GT teachers have been working without contracts since Juky 2012. Isn't this the job of the respective school boards and their attorney? Ask yourselves, what are the common denominators in both of these failures of elected officials? We know the answer, we want people to discover on their own. Greed, corruption and incompetence are coins of this realm. We are legion. We are watching. We are here.
Zorayda February 05, 2013 at 08:42 PM
I agree with the previous comments. Why is this teacher asking for supplies that should be basic in his subject area? How is it that the district isn't supplying these? I'm appalled (and concerned since my son starts Triton next year).
Darren Gladden February 05, 2013 at 10:30 PM
Any wonder how that 10,000 waste on nothing but AIR PR firm we hired ........How much did that help our KIDS .......Seek the truth the answer in front of us all


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