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Paul J. DiBartolo March 14, 2014 at 05:30 pm
Perfect example: The death of former Governor Corzine's son was reported early today. While it's notRead More hyper-local news it is a story that all New Jerseyans would probably read. So it stands right now to drop off the page while we are treated to such stories as: open homes in South Jersey this weekend, another in what seems like a never-ending list of Code Blue weather warnings, how to keep your herbs fresh, a movie review for some totally obscure movie from someone in Falls Church wherever, another blog on some aspect of driving that seems to be more of an advertisement for a Cherry Hill company offering driving courses than anything else, a blog, actually a video excerpt (one of many), from some neuro-specialist out in California, a reproduction of a Tweet about a plane malfunction...(seriously, Patch?), more weather info as if we weren't inundated with weather information (I heard that the EMMY's are going to create a category for weather segments), a story about a Connecticut pastor's infidelity and death, and, finally, after all that nonsense, a story about the death of Gov. Corzine's son that is ready to drop off of the Patch news list. You know what, I didn't realize how bad it was until I went through and rehearsed this list of nonsense posing as useful information. Yeah, it's useful information for what one might term a useful idiot.
Bob Kola March 14, 2014 at 06:36 pm
Paul: I have suspended my blogging on Patch because I now get nothing in return. While I may notRead More have been paid to write my blog, I considered the reporting of the happenings in Gloucester Township, by Patch staff writers and editors, a worthwhile trade off. Also, Patch writers/editors, like Sean McCullen, would at least attempt to contact all sides in a story for comment to present all sides in an issue. I may not agree with everything that all bloggers post, but I respect and appreciate the time and effort that serious bloggers put into their posts. The amount of time that you, Peter Heinbaugh, John Reynolds, and others put into researching your posts and then writing and editing them is substantial. Also, it feels that no new readers are discovering Patch and I'm writing for the same, but dwindling, audience with each post. I already have written the first part of a three part series on the redevelopment plan for downtown Blackwood, but am not posting it because I have no motivation to complete the other two parts. Other posts I had in the pipeline included: the problems with Blackwood-Clementon Road (or as I like to call it now the Red-Light Camera District), making the Township's government even more transparent, and how the two proposed digital billboards along Route 42 could be used to help give Gloucester Township its own identity. Every time I think that I would run out of topics to write about, something in the Township would happen that would give me another story to blog about. But, no more. I've discontinued the daily email from Patch and the email alerts and now just visit the site daily and limit myself to the comments section. Finally, if Hale Global is saying that hyper-local news may not be possible because it isn't financially viable, they should at least consider monitoring their blogs and postings to prevent individuals, businesses, and companies from putting up nothing more than very thinly-veiled free advertisements. If these advertisers think it is worthwhile to post on Patch, then they should pay for it. See you in the funny pagers.
John Reynolds March 15, 2014 at 09:23 am
Bob, I don't know how many people read Patch, and most that do don't leave comments. If many peopleRead More read my blog, Team Mayer wouldn't have been reelected :) I stumbled on Patch 2 years ago and found Joshua Berry's Pay-To-Play Blog. Up until then I had no interest in local politics. After reading about the a-holes running our town, I helped him with his petition in my part of town. Keep posting things if you have the time and interest, we read them and appreciate people like you on here who attend township meetings and keep the public informed. I wish Gloucester Township had a site like http://www.gloucestercitynews.net/clearysnotebook/. Bill Cleary published a newspaper in Gloucester City for many years that covered everything from news, sports, obits, and politics. He wrote investigative articles that rankled the local politicians and was called a few choice names over the years. He started his online site 7 years ago and covers the area. He gets about 2000 hits a day from people in the area and from around the country who used to live in the area, or who google things in his archives. I see people from Gloucester Township on his site.